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Banoffee Cake – My Emergency Birthday Cake Solution!

Banoffee cake

I Had A Bit Of A Situation On My Hands... It was my Dads birthday and we had no cake! Mum had asked if I could cook a meal over at ours for Dads birthday (I have no idea why my social butterfly of a Mum couldn't do it herself, but I agreed). It was only going to be the six of us, so it wasn't a ... [ Read More ]

Get Fit In Just Two Minutes?…Really?…

get fit

I Really Don't Thinks So!... Although that's not what I've been reading in a certain 'news' paper recently. Think about it. Do you really think that doing just a two minutes workout is going to help you get fit? Personally I can't see it and it's no wonder that there are so many people who ... [ Read More ]

My Love…My Kindle…


My Love...My Kindle... I said it would never happen. I said that nothing could be as good as reading a real book, you know with paper pages. I was a doubter. I doubted that I would ever love a Kindle, but I accepted that if I wanted to have a better choice of books to read, then I had to get a ... [ Read More ]

When Did I Start Opting For The Lazy Workout?


Last Week It Dawned On Me... That maybe I had been getting a little lazy when it came to maintaining my fitness. Don't get me wrong I am no fanatic, but I like feeling fit (or relatively fit at least). It's something I've always tried to maintain ( I want to die as old and as fit as I can be ... [ Read More ]



Recently I've been trying to focus on getting a better balance in my life and this past week I feel like I may have finally got there. Why Balance Is Important... For me balance is important because if I have nothing to focus on I get all out of sync and find it easy to procrastinate, but if I ... [ Read More ]

No Military Service For Greg’s!

military service

Military Service In Greece... Not many people seemed to realize that military service is still compulsory in Greece, but it is. At the age of seventeen/eighteen (last year of high school), Greek males must go and sign up for compulsory military service. There are exemptions for and reduced terms ... [ Read More ]