Welcome To The Virtual Blog Tour

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What Is A Virtual Blog Tour? A virtual blog tour is just what it says it is. It's a tour around blogs. On this tour bloggers get invited to answer four simple blogging questions and then get to invite and introduce other bloggers to take part in the tour. It's a great way of sharing some ... [ Read More ]

Mommy Reality Challenge #9 – Life Hacks

My husband has never noticed!

It's week nine of the Mommy Reality Challenge and this week I have made a real effort to link up early. I'm usually rushing to get my post done the day before the challenge ends, but this week WILL be different! The Mommy Reality Challenge is hosted by Jen, Carolyn and Celeste and has fast become ... [ Read More ]

It’s Mommy Reality Time Again! #8

My guilty pleasures.

It's that time of week when us Mums can shake off the pretence and show the world what being a Mum is really like! The Mommy Reality Challenge is a fun link up/challenge that is hosted by Jen, Carolyn and Celeste. Being Mum's themselves they thought it was about time that us Mums came clean and ... [ Read More ]

The Mommy Reality Challenge #7 – The Essence Of Summer

Me and Greg's wallowing like whales....Be Nice!

This weeks Mommy Reality Challenge set by Jen, Carolyn and Celeste was to take a picture or two capturing the essence of summer. I must admit that although it has been over 30C outside, I have really battled to capture any photos that share what summer is all about for us. Until tonight that ... [ Read More ]

Why Cactus Make Ideal Houseplants…

Some of my cactus make an eye catching display right outside our front door.

Growing Up Houseplants Were Part Of Our Home... I grew up in a house where there were nice lush green houseplants seemingly everywhere, which gave our home a nice feel. I don't think there was a room in the house without a healthy looking houseplant. Since leaving home I have tried my hand at ... [ Read More ]