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My Plan To Tackle Those Tasks!


Those Tasks... I have recently been putting off tasks that I really should be tackling, as the thought of doing them sends me into a downward spiral. The tasks themselves are nothing major, just simple things like sorting out and wiping down cupboards and shelves. No different to any other year, ... [ Read More ]

I’ve Got Work!!


I am quite excited. Back in October I was asked if I'd be interested in a job that entailed looking after a private villa that is rented out for the summer season, next year. I've known the chap who owns the villa for years and used to work for his holiday company a few years back, when the children ... [ Read More ]

Treasure Hunt In Aid Of The Stray Dogs On Zakynthos

Zakynthos treasure hunt route

The Treasure Hunt... A few weeks back I was asked to make a cake for a treasure hunt being held to raise funds for the stray dogs on Zakynthos. It was nice to be asked as I used to create novelty cakes to order, as a little side earner when the children were small. It was something that I enjoyed ... [ Read More ]

Mommy Reality #22 – Mummy Breakfast

Fridays breakfast

Firstly I would like to pay my respects to those bloggers out there who manage to consistently post several blog posts a week, be active on social media and host/partake in blog hops on a weekly basis. It is not an easy task by far! I enjoy taking part in the Mommy Reality Challenge (hosted by ... [ Read More ]

My Summer Look Back…

Look Back

Summers End... October 31st is what we think of as the last day of summer, it's the last day of our six month tourist season. In the next day or two the airport will close for all international flights and will only open for the island hopper, which comes over from Athens daily. The shops and ... [ Read More ]



This week there were several words that I would like to have used for my Word Of The Week post, but I settled on the word Pleased as that is how I've been feeling for the most part of it. Why I Have Been feeling Rather Pleased... Back in September my blog theme was updated, for anyone who ... [ Read More ]