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Meet Ugg…

feral kittens

And Her (no longer) Feral Kittens... I have written before about the fact we would love another feral cat to set up home around our wood piles. For a couple of years we had Morris (the not-so-feral-anyone cat), but in early spring he did what feral cats often do and disappeared. It wasn't long ... [ Read More ]

Lovin’ Summer…

summer loving

Summer... Oh, I do like summer. I tolerate the heat much better than the cold. In fact I find it hard to believe I grew up in England and survived.... I was constantly being told off for sneaking the thermostat up on the central heating. I just couldn't help myself, if I'm cold I'm miserable (who ... [ Read More ]



It's Been... A good couple of weeks since I've fallen off the blogging wagon. I've not written a blog post in what feels like weeks and I know I've fallen well behind on my blog browsing, reading and commenting. It's Not You, It's Me (directed at bloggers whose posts I usually regularly ... [ Read More ]

People With Aspergers Syndrome…


Certainly Have Their Quirks... And my son (who has Aspergers) has plenty. They are what make him, him. Some of them I can understand and others I really can't get my head around. Like now, it is summer and it is unarguably hot. At the moment the outside thermometer, which is sat in the shade, is ... [ Read More ]

Homemade Honeycomb

Homemade honeycomb

Was Our Bad Friday Treat... For anyone who doesn't know what bad Friday is in our house (and why you?), it's the one day of the week when we can eat bad food and watch bad television (and the men of the house go out and play pool). I'm not saying that we don't occasionally treat ourselves mid ... [ Read More ]



Scrubbed... Just had to be my Word of the Week (although hurting came a close second!). This week I started my job managing a holiday villa for the summer. The word 'managing' is just a posh word for looking after the villa and guests who will be staying there. After the villa owner left, it ... [ Read More ]

Dog Grooming For Summer…

Groomed dog

 A Dogs Grooming Needs Change... With the seasons. We have five dogs in all and each one has it's own grooming needs. The three bigger dogs just need a good brushing, especially during the major moulting season, which happens as the weather starts to warm up in the spring. On the other hand ... [ Read More ]

Soft Toys And Teds Everywhere…

Soft toys

And Barely A Place To Sleep... Children love soft toys. I myself still remember having stacks of soft toys on my bed (yes, Catherine I can still remember back that far!), and my two were no different. They grew up with a room full of soft toys, which seemed to spend more time on the floor than ... [ Read More ]

A Much Needed Phone Upgrade!


Being one who isn't keen on change and looks after things almost to the point of obsession, I sometimes find myself in the position of owning something that is long past it's sell by date and would benefit from an upgrade. My Recent Upgrade... For the past six years I my mobile phone has been a ... [ Read More ]

From Boy To Man…

Greg's #4 edit - Copy

My Son Is Now A Man! I can't believe it. I felt old when my daughter turned fifteen back in January, but Greg's turned eighteen a few weeks back (I know this post is running a little later than planned!) and now I feel really old. Greg's isn't one for fanfare and requested that we spent his ... [ Read More ]



Yellow... Is a colour often associated with spring. I always thought it was because it is the colour of many spring flowers. Buttercups, daffodils, primroses and pansies all come in various shades of yellow. I like yellow. It's a happy colour. But recently I have had enough of it, as every ... [ Read More ]

My Nemesis…

My nemesis

Mommy Reality #35 For this fortnights Reality Challenge, Jen and Celeste have asked us Mums (and Dads) to share our nemesis. We all have them, those things that wind us up and make our lives a misery. I did have to really think for this challenge as there are things that bother me occasionally ... [ Read More ]

The Feral Kittens Have Gone…

feral kittens

I Am Not Happy... Mother cat has moved her babies! I shared a post about the feral kittens on my photo blog as there were plenty of photos to share, but this post wouldn't seem right on a photo blog as there is just one sad picture of an empty box. The Truth Is... It was a surprise when ... [ Read More ]

Aspergers And Common Sense

Aspergers and Common sense

 Aspergers And Common... People with Aspergers Syndrome are no less intelligent than the next person, in fact they are often of above average intelligence (which sadly isn't always immediately obvious), but they do lack common sense. One Good Example From Greg's... Greg's has always had a ... [ Read More ]



ARGH!... I know, it's probably not a real word, but it's my Word Of The Week! It's been one of those head shaking weeks. If it's not been one thing, it's been another and it's left me feeling ARGH! Why?... It all started on Monday  when after sorting Greg's medical books out (he's recently ... [ Read More ]

Aspergers Syndrome: Raising Awareness

Aspergers syndrome

Or At Least Trying To... As some of you may know last year my son Greg's was diagnosed with having Aspergers Syndrome. The diagnosis did not come as a surprise to us. In fact, it was very much a relief, as we have always been aware that he is very different from other children. Getting the ... [ Read More ]

If I Had An Extra Hour In The Day…

Extra hour

Mommy Reality #34 This week I have the honour of co-hosting The Mommy Reality Challenge along side the regular hosts Jen and Celeste. For anyone who is unaware of what the Mommy Reality Challenge is all about; where have you been? You've been missing out on a light hearted fortnightly challenge, ... [ Read More ]

Mommy Reality #34: If I Had One More Hour…

Mommy Reality blog badge

Welcome to Mommy Reality Challenge 34!!! Hosted by Jen from JENerally Informed and Celeste from Leapfrog and Lipgloss! Okay. That was scary. ANYWAY, if this is your first time hearing about the Mommy Reality Challenge we are so glad you are joining this great community of moms who participate ... [ Read More ]

My Bedside Table…

Bedside table

Mommy Reality Challenge #33... For anyone who doesn't know, The Mommy Reality Challenge is a fun fortnightly photographic challenge hosted by Jen and Celeste. Well at least I thought it was meant to be fun, until we were asked to share pictures of our bedside tables.... You'd never think that dust ... [ Read More ]



Headache... This week my Word Of The Week just had to be headache! A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on how I had decided to take Action by starting a second blog, which is to be a photo blog...Nothing too exciting, just somewhere I can share my very non award winning photos. Twelve months ... [ Read More ]

Still Broken…

Still broken

Six Months Later... For this fortnights Mommy Reality Challenge, Jen and Celeste are asking Mums to share all things broken. It's not anything to be ashamed of, we all have something that's broken...Don't we?...(Humour me please?)...In fact it's liberating to be able to stand up and say...''This ... [ Read More ]