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Spare A Thought This Christmastime…

Santa bauble

For Those Less Fortunate Than Ourselves... Christmastime is without a doubt my most favorite time of year. I love the glitz and the twinkle of Christmastime. I love the food. And I have even grown to love the fact that my birthday is very close to Christmas. But for me Christmastime is really all ... [ Read More ]

Vanilla Fudge Recipe

Vanilla fudge

Vanilla Fudge I love making vanilla fudge almost as much as I enjoy eating it and this recipe always goes down well at parties and special occasions. It's not something I make often these days as I can't justify making more than a couple of batches over the festive period and eating too much of ... [ Read More ]

Melt In The Mouth Shortbread Recipe


  Shortbread There is no doubt that shortbread is one of the most moreish biscuits around. In my mind a good shortbread is firm, but melts nicely  in the mouth, leaving me wanting more. In our house shortbread is a Christmas favourite and I wouldn't dream of buying the shop bought ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Jumpers


Christmas Jumpers... Although it's still only November and being a firm believer that Christmas shouldn't really start until December (to prevent Christmas overload), I will admit to feeling more than a little Christmassy. It all started on Monday when I decided that this was the year we were ... [ Read More ]

Please Don’t Make The Christmas Pudding Mum!…

christmas pudding

Christmas Traditions... Many of us have our own Christmas traditions that we look forward to and enjoy every Christmas. And we are no different, although maybe one of our traditions was ( I say was, as it was one that had to go). For more years than I care to remember I painstakingly made our ... [ Read More ]