My Word Of The Week Is…Heatwave…


This week there were a number of words I was toying with to use as my Word Of The Week, and in the end I thought the word heatwave  was the best choice of word to relate to the past week. I Couldn't Resist It... A couple of weeks back my Word Of The Week was Peculiar - which I also chose to ... [ Read More ]

Dogs, Cars And The Sun Are A Recipe For Disaster!

Rascal living in hope...

Dogs And Cars... Any good dog owner will know that dogs should never be left in the car when it's sunny, even if the air temperature is not that hot, the inside of a car soon heats up with the sun beating down through the windows, even if the car windows are left open it will still get unbearably ... [ Read More ]

Mommy Reality Challenge #12 – When Photos Fail!

My sister & daughter

Week 12 of the Mommy Reality Challenge is a good one. For anyone who doesn't know what the Mommy Reality Challenge is all about; it's a fun weekly challenge that is hosted by Jen and Celeste, where Mums can share the 'real' side of being a Mum by sharing a photograph via social media or blog ... [ Read More ]

My Word Of The Week Is…Enlightened!


During this past week I have been enlightened about tablets. I am not referring to the small pills that we pop when we are unwell or about any of the vast array of vitamin and mineral supplements that come in tablet form. I am on about the tablets that can be used as very portable personal ... [ Read More ]

It’s Okay To Admit When Things Are Hard Going

Gregs, Neal and Sotos

Life Isn't Easy...Not for any of us. We all have times when we find things hard going, but how often do we put on a brave face and pretend that things are all hunky-dory? Why do we feel that we can't admit when we are not coping well or are finding things hard going? It's never easy to admit ... [ Read More ]

My Word Of The Week Is…Manic!

#WotW Manic

This weeks Word Of The Week just has to be Manic, as that is the only word that I can think of that comes close to describing how crazy the past week has been. Why The Word Manic?... July and August are the busiest summer months on Zakynthos, the island gets really busy as people flock here ... [ Read More ]