Change... This weeks has been all about change. On Wednesday, after a long summer, my husband finally finished his summer job of working in a hotel beach bar. Living on a Greek island means that summer working hours can be long and most summer jobs don't come with a day off; unless you work for ... [ Read More ]

School Strikes?

School strike

School Strikes By Students?... What's that all about? I can vaguely remember one school strike happening at the high school I went to and it was pathetic to say the least. I can't even remember what it was about, but it was arranged that after the bell to start afternoon lessons went off, ... [ Read More ]

Flu Jabs

flu jabs

It won't be long until it is cold and flu season (I am trying to ignore the fact that I have already suffered my first snuffles of the winter!) At this time of year school children are the most vulnerable to colds, flu and every other sickness that happens to be doing the rounds in the classroom, so ... [ Read More ]



Just when I thought we'd won the battle against ringworm in one of our dogs without the others becoming infected, it appears that we haven't. A few months back we rescued a dog that had been dumped and had been living rough for weeks. We were only meant to foster her, but she was so sweet that we ... [ Read More ]

Totally Disillusioned…


All Change...In More Ways Than One! I had planned a different, more upbeat post for today, but after taking my son to one of his therapies I am feeling rather peeved and a touch disillusioned to say the least. It was not so long ago that I was feeling full of hope for our sons future, after what ... [ Read More ]