Mommy Reality #17 – Bed Pillows…

bed cushions

#Mommyreality It feel like an age since I participated in the Mommy Reality Challenge, but I only missed one week! And the last one I got to help co host, which was fun, For anyone who doesn't know the #mommyreality Challenge is a weekly photographic challenge set for us Mums by Jen and Celeste. ... [ Read More ]

Debs Diary: A Glimpse Into My Life…#4

Debs Diary

Monday 8th September Decided that I want to have a go at selling stuff on Ebay...It's something I have been thinking about for a while now and checked it out properly today. I think that with Christmas not too far off it's an ideal time to dabble. I would have to start a basic shop as I would be ... [ Read More ]

My #WotW Is…Together

#WotW Together

I know I am linking up rather late with my Word Of The Week, but better late than never and as I missed last weeks link up I didn't want to miss this weeks! I missed last weeks link with good reason...My sister and her family surprised us with a two week holiday! We had not been all together for ... [ Read More ]

Debs Diary: A Glimpse Into My Life…#3

Monday 1st September It's September! Greg's is back at therapies today and there are clouds in the sky. It's almost as if the weather knows that school is due to start next week! I fell back into the roll of taxi driver as if the four weeks off hadn't happened! I took Greg's to speech therapy. ... [ Read More ]

Debs Diary: A Glimpse Into My Life…#2

Debs Diary

Monday 25th August I had so much planned for today. I wanted to install new plugins on my blog and write a post about the St. Dennis's Day (St.Dionisios) celebrations, but didn't manage either! Ended up spending the best part of the afternoon with Catherine trying to get a decent profile picture. ... [ Read More ]