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It's Not Been The Week I Expected... Neal had his first full week of work since Christmas and with the children being at school I was looking forward to some much needed alone time. I was looking forward to pottering around the house getting things done and getting some quality time in on my ... [ Read More ]

Oh! How Time Passes!

Time passes

 Oh! How Time Passes!... Looking in the mirror I see an older version of the person I used to be. Quite a natural occurrence for most of us, but where the time has gone I am not quite sure. Last week my youngest child turned fifteen (?!?!); no longer a child, but not quite an adult ... [ Read More ]

Mommy Reality #27 – This Is My Real


It's mid January and the sparkle and excitement of Christmas are distant memories. Where the Christmas tree once stood, a grubby looking armchair now sits. Bright Christmas ornaments and twinkly tinsel have been replaced by a layer of dust and the dining room table no longer holds candles and ... [ Read More ]

One Of The Problems In Greece…

Stamps needed in Greece

Is That No One Seems To Know The System... Was it really only ten days ago that I was feeling refreshed, positive and strong for 2015? Oh how things have changed in such a short time!...It is only January the 10th and I am feeling stressed, frazzled and mentally exhausted. For anyone who ... [ Read More ]



The New Year Is The Chance To Start Afresh... As much as I love Christmas, by the time the New Year comes I feel ready to leave the festivities behind and start the New Year afresh. I love the feeling waking up on January 1st with a while new year ahead. I'm not big fan of making new year ... [ Read More ]

Debs New Year Bloggers Honours List…


Why A New Years Bloggers Honours... When I started blogging back in February I was more than a little nervous about venturing into the world of blogging. I was racked with self doubt, doubting very much that anyone would actually click on my blog, let alone hang around long enough to read a post, ... [ Read More ]