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Mommy Reality Challenge #12 – When Photos Fail!

Week 12 of the Mommy Reality Challenge is a good one. For anyone who doesn’t know what the Mommy Reality Challenge is all about; it’s a fun weekly challenge that is hosted by Jen and Celeste, where Mums can share the ‘real’ side of being a Mum by sharing a photograph via social media or blog posts.

Each week Jen and Celeste set a new challenge, some previous challenges have been to share pictures of those messy eating moments, to snap a picture of the inside our purses/handbags and even to share what us Mums favour as comfy around the house wear. The challenges have all been fun, interesting and it’s always a relief to know that Mums aren’t so different. None of us are perfect and it’s refreshing to see it for real.

This Weeks Mommy Reality Challenge Is…..When Photos Fail…

This week it’s time for us Mums to share those pictures that prove we are no David Bailey. The pictures that our children and family members would rather we burned, but kept them anyway.

Yesterday I spent a good hour looking through old photos, something which the Mommy Reality Challenge has got me doing more than once now. Me and my daughter sat and laughed as we looked through very dated looking photographs of when they were small and as around half the photographs could have easily been used in this weeks challenge, choosing which photographs to use was no easy task.

Once we had selected the photographs, it took me another two hours to work out how to scan them and put them onto the computer. You would think I’d have remembered from last time, but no, it appears I really do have a memory like a sieve!

My ‘When Photos Fail’ Pictures Are….

I’d like to slip in a quick apology to my sister before we go any further. Having the opportunity of sharing this photograph with the world was one that I couldn’t resist…

Photo #3: My sister & daughter

My sister, Jack and my daughter, Catherine.

The above picture was taken whilst we were staying with my sister and her family in the UK for the Christmas holidays. I can’t actually remember where the picture was taken, but it’s not a good one. She actually looks like she is on day release from the local prison…Which she’s not!

Photo #1: Gregs & Catherine - the nose picking one

Catherine digging for gold.

At first glance I didn’t notice that my daughter was trying to perform a lobotomy on herself, so this one very nearly slipped through the net. I promised Catherine that if she didn’t mind me sharing this one I wouldn’t share the one of her asleep on the toilet taken when she was two or three years old. So a deal is a deal!

Photo #2: Catherine & Gregs #2

Gregs and Catherine.

I’m not sure if my daughter was trying to copy her brothers smile or she was frightened by it. Having always had a natural aversion to smiling, I think that she was caught off guard when someone dared to smile when standing so close to her and she thought it was something she might catch!

Thanks to Jen and Celeste for hosting #mommyreality and for giving me yet another good excuse to dig out and look through long forgotten photographs. It was fun!

When was the last time you looked through your old photographs?


Leapfrog and Lipgloss


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      Hi Lysa…I am so glad you enjoy it too. It is what it is, a lighthearted glimpse into the lives of other Mums. Which is what makes it fun.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment.

  1. 13


    Debbie- You’re so dedicated with the scanning and making them look presentable. I’m so awful that I just take photos of old photos.

    These are fantastic and hilarious! The nose-picking one. It’s not just a “suggested” nose-picking episode. This is downright blatant! She’s on a mission to succeed!

    Your caption for the one with your sister was hilarious and actually made me “lol” for real 😉
    Celeste @Leapfrog and Lipgloss recently posted…Hormel Extended Family Blogger ProgramMy Profile

    • 14


      Hi Celeste…You kept that life hack quiet!! The time I could have saved if I’d have thought to photograph instead of scan the pictures! I’ll be trying that one out next time for sure.

      How her finger didn’t manage to get wedged there for ever is beyond me. And I’ve yet to hear back from my sister…Really must follow that up!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • 18


      They certainly are. Nothing like digging out the golden oldies to bring the children down a peg or two…And to have a good laugh together.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • 20


      Hi Jennifer, I’m thinking of maybe making huge posters or invitations with photo failures on for the children’s 18th birthdays….Greg’s is only next year!…..I think they would go down well.

      It was a fun challenge to take part in as it was an excuse to spend some time browsing through old photographs.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…Mommy Reality Challenge #12 – When Photos Fail!My Profile

  2. 21


    Debbie you are hilarious! First I was cracking up with your hairspray comment this morning, and now I’m laughing at your description of your photos! LOL I love the last photo- too funny! I have a picture of my sister and I from years ago that is a complete and utter photo fail but she would kill me if I resurrected it! I submitted that particular photo for my school’s graduation slideshow and she was mortified. I’ve learned my lesson! LOL
    Rebecca recently posted…Transition IssuesMy Profile

    • 22


      Hi Rebecca, knowing that what I write makes just one person smile or laugh makes me feel good, so thank you for that. I haven’t heard from my sister yet so I’m not sure if she has seen the post or maybe she’s cut me out of her life for good!…I really must check that out….

      Couldn’t you sneak in your sisters picture without her seeing or does she read your blog? I’m not even sure that my sister knows I keep a blog, I just wanted her to know that I shared THAT picture with the world!….Maybe I’ll get another reader too.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…My Word Of The Week Is…Enlightened!My Profile

  3. 23

    Jen@JENerallyInformed says

    Oh my gosh the lobotomy picture is hilarious! I love the other 2 as well, that kind of scared smile is priceless. Your sister the labor release prison worker :)

    When Celeste first suggested this I thought oh man let me go searching, but it actually was really fun. My kids and I sat and looked and laughed and remembered so many of the events we have shared over the years. It really was fun!

    Sorry about the scanning problems, I too have that same issue every time I go to scan pictures!
    Jen@JENerallyInformed recently posted…The Best Zucchini Bread Recipe EVERMy Profile

    • 24


      I couldn’t resist sharing this post on my sisters FaceBook and tagging her in it. I think she’ll still love me though! …I’d be interested to know how lobotomies are done, as I think Catherine could be onto something – no anesthesia or bed rest.

      It is fun remembering long forgotten things – my children can’t believe that there was a time when their Father had hair, but he did and the photographs prove it! Before the Food Face challenge I can’t remember the last time we looked through the old photos, so thank you for that.

      I must actually write down how to scan images as it’s one of those things that doesn’t get done often so is easy to forget,..I’ve suggested that in the winter we try to scan all of our old photos to store on the PC as a back up. It would be s shame to lose them for any reason.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…Mommy Reality Challenge #12 – When Photos Fail!My Profile


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