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Debs Diary: A Glimpse Into My Life…#2

Debs DiaryMonday 25th August

I had so much planned for today. I wanted to install new plugins on my blog and write a post about the St. Dennis’s Day (St.Dionisios) celebrations, but didn’t manage either! Ended up spending the best part of the afternoon with Catherine trying to get a decent profile picture. Needless to say it was a long, hard afternoon with not much to show for it. I just don’t have a face that lights up or smiles. I remember in my younger years people telling me to; ”Cheer up, it may never happen”, when I was perfectly happy. When I attempt a smile it looks pained and awkward. Will definitely be doing a post on the topic at some point.

I will be co-hosting the Mommy Reality Challenge next week, Jen and Celeste didn’t seem overly worried by the fact that I am no social media whiz, but they do want a photograph of me – hence the photo shoot! I will go through the photographs tomorrow and see which one is semi decent enough to send them…

I thought today was the last day of the celebrations and that at eleven o’clock the locals would all be firing off their guns to mark the closing of the celebrations, (how nobody gets hurt I will never know!), but it didn’t happen, so it must be tomorrow.

Me and Neal talked about the chances of me working next summer. There maybe the perfect job for me at the hotel, running the pool bar from ten in the morning until four o’clock. The hours are perfect, but it would be seven days a week for six months and there is a lot to consider, mainly to do with Greg’s. He will have exams until mid June and will need picking up from school at funny times. I can’t leave him waiting outside school for three or four hours for the afternoon bus and we have no idea what he’ll be doing next September when he finishes school….There are also other things to consider, like exactly how safe is he to leave  ‘unsupervised’ for seven hours a day. He needs constant reminding to eat and drink and then there is the risk of choking too, not a high one, but one that worries me nonetheless…We will see…

Catherine’s schooling isn’t a problem as hers is within walking distance from home.

Greg’s speech therapist phoned to make new times for his therapy. Can’t believe that it’s time to start up again. Got two speech and one top of the island therapy next week…Note to self; enjoy the next few days as from Monday it all starts up again!!

Debs DairyTuesday 26th August

The guns went off at eleven o’clock this morning to mark the end of St.Dennis’s Day (St.Dionisios) and even though there was considerably less gunfire than on Saturday for the start of the celebrations, they still reduced her to a quivering wreck and she refused to eat. No sign of a seizure though, so fingers crossed that the one she suffered on Saturday was bought on by excessive fear. She ate all her food this evening, so she is all good.

Got round to editing the video I took of the St.Dennis’s Day (St.Dionisios) firework celebrations. I’m really chuffed with it although it took three hours to upload to YouTube and that was an MP4 format… Will write the post tomorrow!

Actually got around to installing the SEO Yoast and the Thin Out Revisions plugins today! I have a lot of work to do, according to the SEO Yoast plugin none of my posts are up to much in the SEO department, so I must go through them post by post and tweak them. I have done five already and they are now fine…Only another fifty odd left to do. Looking on the positive side at least I don’t have hundreds of posts to go through!

Chris and Clair are over for a week on Thursday, so will be meeting up with them, either at Mums or at the Rainbow where the are staying. I’ve told Mum that I am easy and that we will see them where is easiest for Chris, he’s bound to be tired, but really wants to see everyone. He has had to give up work and now uses crutches and a wheelchair to get around as he gets very tired. Cancer is a cruel disease.

Watched a couple of Ghost Adventure episodes, classic entertainment – although I’m not sure if they are trying to be entertaining or not! They had me and Catherine in stitches!

Debs DairyWednesday 27th August

What a day! My brain is buzzing and I’m feeling all twitchy!…Spent the day working on my blog and I swear my brain has gone into overdrive, but I’m absolutely knackered too.

Wrote my post about the St. Dennis Day celebrations and edited the second video for it without help from Catherine, but didn’t realise how much work goes into getting a video to look just ‘right’; well to me anyway. I must have spent an hour just getting the link to show how I thought it should….And if I never saw either one of those videos again, it really wouldn’t worry me. I’m sure I will be seeing them in my sleep. I think that post must have taken me a good five hours to do with the videos too. How do some people seem to have a constant stream of decent posts, get around reading and commenting on other peoples blogs and be active on social media?…I really have no idea!

Actually got around to setting up my Facebook page for my blog. Setting up the page was pretty straight forward, but again adding like buttons to my blog and blog posts wasn’t so straight forward…Or am I just a little too fussy…I have no doubt that I’ll be installing and uninstalling more plugins tomorrow…Can’t wait!

Mum hasn’t phoned to let me know what’s going on tomorrow night…Will phone her in the morning.

My brain is not working enough to think of anything else to write, so it’s time to step away from the computer!

Debs DairyThursday 28th August

Family reunion!…Family Reunion!…My sister and her family rocked up on holiday to surprise us. We haven’t seen them for four years and the last time I saw Finners he was still wearing nappies!…We went out meet up friends who had just arrived and who was hiding around the corner? My sister, Andy, Maddie and Finlay.!!…Yes, my niece and nephew are actually 3D and made of flesh. Greg’s and Catherine fell naturally into roles of big cousins, which is nice as Maddie and Finlay are the only cousins they have. Jack said that the little ones were looking forward to seeing their big cousins….Ahhh, sooooo sweet!…And I now know why Mum was being so cagey too!

They booked the holiday twelve months ago and kept it quiet all that time. Mum knew, but that was only because the children accidentally told her in their excitement. I’m impressed that nothing was given away on Facebook either, not that I am a big Facebooker, but the children would have seen something. Jack said all her friends were sworn to secrecy!

Hopefully we can have the little ones over for a sleepover, to give Jack and Andy a break for a night. I can play Auntie and let them eat popcorn for breakfast! Only problem being that they aren’t too keen on dogs and we have five of the furry creatures! We will see. They are here for two weeks, so there is no immediate rush.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy. We have other friends over too and some more arriving Sunday. The children are back to school in two weeks, so we had planned on starting to get back into a better routine for school, but I think that just went out the window…And the day Jack and that lot leave, Dave and Julie are out and then Raz and Mandy and maybe even Tom and Carole…Just when we thought life was winding down.

Anything else I did today has faded into the background. I have had a busy few days tweaking and un-tweaking my blog. I have more of an idea of how I want it to look feel. Blogging is not so straight forward and there is a lot of brain ache involved. I can’t believe how the time just flies by when working on it, one minute I have all these ideas and the next minute I’ve run out of time.

Anyway, I really must head to bed now as I can actually hear the cogs in my brain trying to grind to a halt!

Debs DairyFriday 29th August

Soooo tired this morning. After the late night we had last night, me and Catherine decided to forgo our Friday morning run – it’s the only day of the week that we do run together – but that didn’t stop the daft dog from coming in and nudging me a wake! Was hoping that as the dogs had been out late last night that they’d let me sleep this morning, but they are creatures of habit and I suppose in their eyes I was late getting up!

Still can’t quite believe that my sister and family are here. We didn’t see them today as they must be tired too as they traveled through the night to get here. It’ll be nice for them to have a chance to unwind and let the children sleep as long as they need. We are meeting up with them tomorrow, which we are looking forward to.

For the next week I am co-hosting the Mommy Reality Challenge with Jen and Celeste. I had my post ready to go ‘live’ at five our time, as Jen said she wanted them to go out together at seven o’clock her time. Luckily I noticed that her post was up at just after three o’clock, so I had obviously got the time difference wrong!..All up and running now though.

Went grocery shopping this afternoon as I couldn’t get moving this morning and I had yet another surprise…I swear there are only so many surprises a girl can handle in twenty four hours!…Lidls was almost empty and AB was the same…The rush is now officially over and autumn is just around the corner. There is a noticeable difference in the length of the days, it is now dark at 6am and there’s been a pleasant drop in the temperatures too.

Debs DairySaturday 30th August

Spent the afternoon with Jack, family and friends, lounging round the pool at the Rainbow. It felt like we were on holiday too! Still can’t get over the fact that Jack is here and that I get to have my Niece and nephew over for a sleepover on Wednesday….I’ll probably be pulling my hair out watch this space! It’s been along time since I had much doings with children that are shorter than me!

Managed to get an hour of blogging in this morning and another half an hour this evening, but I have a distinct feeling that with Jack being here and getting ready for the new school term, that I am not going to be able to do the things I had planned on my blog. Life just gets in the way sometimes and this is one of those times….And I wouldn’t change a thing!

Meeting up at the Rainbow again tomorrow afternoon…Oh lazy days!…Until Monday that is!

Debs DairySunday 31st August

Can’t believe it’s September tomorrow! The air is very heavy and storms have been forecast for tomorrow and Tuesday. I don’t generally take much notice of the weather forecast, but when rain and storms are forecast people get sort of buzzing and excitable….’Oh my! Are those clouds I see?’….’I’m afraid it is!’

Spent a nice afternoon again at the Rainbow. Tina and Andy came across from Tsilivi to see Chris and Clair, so there was fourteen of us altogether. An afternoon spent in good company having a laugh, what better way to spend it?

I can’t believe though, that more people use tablets (the electronic type) than cameras to take pictures! I had to explain to Maddie and Finlay that their Mum uses what is actually a portable computer to take photographs, but that I actually use a camera. I suppose it’s the same as my children not really knowing about vinyl albums and cassettes. Jack has managed to take more pictures than me, so I will have to nab some from her.

Greg’s starts his therapies again tomorrow – oh, the joy! I must go in and see why we haven’t received any money towards them yet as the bill is mounting up. Will pay some tomorrow and fingers crossed there is no problem with the payments as there is no way we can afford them on our own…We will see…

Debs DairyI hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my everyday life. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

If you did enjoy this post; Debs Diary will be a weekly post published every Monday for a trial period. If it seems popular I will keep it going indefinitely.

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  1. 3

    Jen@JENerallyInformed says

    What a fun family reunion. There is a lot going on for you right now my friend!

    The story about the profile picture is too funny! It turned out great and we are so happy to have our good friend and wonderfully real Mom co-hosting with us this week!
    Jen@JENerallyInformed recently posted…Reclaiming Sleep In Our HouseMy Profile

    • 4


      Hi Jen, it’s been a really special time. Mum even got a photographer friend of hers to take proper family pictures….We will see what they turn out like, if he managed to catch me smiling, then he’s good!

      My sister and her lot leave on Thursday, which I am not looking forward to and the children are back at school that day too, so the timing couldn’t have been better really.

      Thank you for having me as a co-host. I always enjoy the #mommyreality Challenge.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…Debs Diary: A Glimpse Into My Life…#2My Profile

  2. 5


    Eeeek, sorry about the plugins Deb. Does your brain still hurt?!

    Good for you for setting up a Facebook page. These things take time… you’ll be moving in no time.

    So many things in your life right now. Therapies and appointments can put a wrench into the functioning of one’s day… hopefully you settle into a nice rhythm soon.

    Wishing you a lovely week. It’s September ?! It’s September! Crazy.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Creating A Play Area That Blends With The Local EnvironmentMy Profile

    • 6


      Hi Jennifer, I am sure that in a couple of weeks the craziness will have passed and I will have settled into a new routine.

      The plugins you recommended are great now I have them up and working. Slowly SEO optimizing old posts, which can only be a good thing.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…Debs Diary: A Glimpse Into My Life…#1My Profile

  3. 7


    OMG! A FAMILY REUNION! And a long time in the making, seriously, booked 12 months ago? What a commitment! I would’ve cried. Your quest for a profile picture reminds me of my husband. Whenever he needs to smile in a picture, it doesn’t look like him. Something about having to smile on command makes his face awkward and it doesn’t matter how many shots I try, it’s not happening. But candid pictures turn out great, though he is still hyper-critical of them. I say don’t look at the pictures for a few days and you’ll probably find one you like. Though I’m excited for the blog post the dilemma will produce!
    Rebecca recently posted…My Husband’s SonMy Profile

    • 8


      Hi Rebecca, it’s been great/crazy/ fun/exhausting. Blogging and commenting has had to take a back seat for now as there are only so many hours in the day! But it’s only for a short while.

      I am planning a profile picture post for sure, if only to see how many other people have the same dilemma. So glad to here that your husband is the same, as my lot say I am probably in the minority, but we will see.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…Debs Diary: A Glimpse Into My Life…#1My Profile

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