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This weeks Word Of The Week just has to be Manic, as that is the only word that I can think of that comes close to describing how crazy the past week has been.

#WotW Manic

Why The Word Manic?…

July and August are the busiest summer months on Zakynthos, the island gets really busy as people flock here from all over Europe to enjoy the long hot summer days, beaches, local hospitality and just to get away from it all. I can’t blame them as the island is stunning and if I didn’t live here I would probably choose to spend my summer holidays in a place like this too….Maybe that’s why I moved here in the first place.

Things like shopping or going anywhere by car can take three times as long as it does out of summer season, just because the roads are so busy and there are so many people. Added to that is the fact that many of the British tourists hire quad bikes and mopeds to get around, and travel at dangerously slow speeds because they aren’t used to driving such vehicles, which just makes getting anywhere really frustrating.

The Past Week…

We are roughly six weeks into the ridiculously long school summer holidays – the children usually go back to school in the second week of September – but that does not mean that our life has slowed down in the least. Oh no, in fact it has gotten a little busier and this past week has been the craziest week of them all.

Due to his disorders, my son, Gregs has several therapies each week, which means me driving him there, waiting for him then diving home, which can take anywhere between an hour and half to two hours in total. As he is on school holidays and we would like a total break from any therapies for at least three weeks in August, – to be honest I don’t know if I could muster up the strength to leave the house and face the hoards in August! – we have increased the amount of times he has therapies in July, to make up for what he will miss in August. Which means sometimes having to brave the traffic into town twice a day.

The past week has been manic as not only have I been running around with Greg’s, but Catherine, my daughter, has been working towards taking her final ECDL exam; which was yesterday. Which has meant having to take her to her computer school in town several times over the past week, so she could take her mock exam and do practice tests.

In six days I played taxi into town at least ten times. I hate driving at the best of times and cannot park to save my life. I had a constant sick feeling and headache just from having to face town and it’s craziness….But it’s all done now.

Catherine passed her final exam of the course easily, which made the extra effort worth while and Greg’s only has one more week of therapies until we stop for August….Big Cheer!

After this next week, the next time I will have to face town will be September, when the island will have started to calm down again…Big sigh of relief.

Don’t Get Me Wrong…

I have been lucky enough to have lived my whole live in holiday hotspots. In places of extreme beauty, where people flock to spend their holidays. I grew up in Devon, England, spent a few years in St. Francis Bay, South Africa and have lived on a Greek island for almost half of my life.

Many people living in these areas rely on tourism for there livelihood, us included.

I know that once the tourists have gone we get the island back, to enjoy at our leisure, so I don’t begrudge tourists coming to the island. I just hate having to go out and face them. In August, I don’t want to have to leave the house unless absolutely necessary; for grocery shopping and late evening swims.

I Survived The Manic Week…

And only have a norml-ish busy week ahead, then I can hide the car keys in the bread bin and don’t have to go into town for at least three weeks!

How has your past week been? Do you live in an area that has a tourist season? Do you like to hide under the bed or go out and join them? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. 10


    Congratulations to your daughter, Debbie!

    You’ve lived quite an interesting life in various locations, it sounds like. I have no idea what it’d be like to live somewhere with a “tourist season”, but, although where you live is so beautiful it might make up for that fact, I’d still probably be really annoyed. I’m a nervous/anxious driver myself!
    Celeste @Leapfrog and Lipgloss recently posted…Southwestern Pork Tostadas RecipeMy Profile

    • 11


      Thank you Celeste, I will pass on your congratulations! I have been lucky enough to have had the experience of living in interesting places. I was a bit restless when I was younger, when we arrived in Greece, we only had two back packs and a dog. Now we have five dogs and two children and I have no idea where I put those back packs!

      What makes me nervous when driving here in the summer season, is my lack of psychic abilities. There are quad bikes, motorbikes, mopeds all over the place and many of the people driving them are tourists and have probably never ridden such vehicles before. And don’t even start me on the double parking along the harbour front! But out of season the islands population drops dramatically and driving becomes a pleasure {sort of} again!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  2. 12


    YAY FOR YOUR DAUGHTER PASSING HER FINAL EXAM!!!!!!! WOO HOO! Thank goodness your taxi ways are done and done for a while. Yikes! Though I love the term “holiday hotspots” and am a bit jealous you live in one! My big dream is to live in Hawaii…it’s tourist infested but I want to be a local…not once did I imagine the crap locals put up with from tourists. Enjoy your normalish week sans driving!
    Rebecca recently posted…Breathing Like My Life Depends on itMy Profile

    • 13


      Hi Rebecca, thank you for the congrats, I’ll pass them on. It’s been a two year course and she wanted to get it done and dusted before school starts again in September. after Saturday we have three whole weeks when we don’t have to go into town!…So looking forward to that and having more time to spend blogging!!!..Thought today was a town free day, but no, we have to face the traffic again later to pick up Catherine’s certificate.

      Always follow your dreams!…I’m sure that the pros will outweigh the cons of living in Hawaii….I think my main concern there would be sharks though…I’d probably never shower or bath again….Okay so I have an extreme fear!

      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment on my post.

  3. 14


    Wow, your week really has sounded manic! And I thought mine was manic with my 1 and 3 year old. I’ve never heard of the Greek island that you live on but I check out your other post and it’s just beautiful! Although I’m sure when lots of tourists are around it’s not so fun but at least you get to live in paradise!
    Jessica Dimas recently posted…10 Reasons Why I Love Your BlogMy Profile

    • 15


      Hi Jessica, I bet your manic week with two little ones tops mine by a long shot! At least I know by the end of this week things will calm down for me, but you will still have plenty of manic weeks a head of you!

      Zakynthos is also known as Zante, so you may have heard of it by that name. It is one of the bigger Greek islands. And yes, in September the hustle and bustle on the island slows right down and by November the island is exceedingly quiet as even the local business owners leave for the winter .

      Thank you for checking out my posts and leaving a comment.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…My Favourite Blog Hops…My Profile

  4. 16


    This post makes me chuckle! I live near Stonehenge, and in Summer we are overrun with tourist groups – usually groups of teenagers at the local English School who take up the pavement for entire blocks! You’re right though; they go home, and we get to stay here all year round!
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!
    Single Mother Ahoy recently posted…My Sunday Photo 2014-08-03My Profile

    • 17


      Hi Vicky, living near Stone Henge you know exactly where I am coming from! I grew up in Devon, which as you can imagine was a tourist magnet in the summer. The best time to head to the beach was winter!

      Thank you for hosting #WeekendBlogHop and for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…My Favourite Blog Hops…My Profile

  5. 18

    Andie says

    Well done on surviving the week. I can only imagine how much the whole atmosphere must change when the island is flooded with tourists. Still stunningly beautiful though. Congrats to Catherine on her exam success! I hope this coming week is a little more relaxed for you x
    Andie recently posted…74.Kiss someone under the mistletoeMy Profile

    • 19


      Hi Andie, after Thursday I things should quieten down for us, I will refuse to leave the house after then – well only for supplies!

      The busiest time on the island is the last two weeks of August as there are big local and national holidays during those two weeks and we get a lot of Greeks from the mainland coming over too. Then we have to resort to sharing the dogs food if we run out of supplies!

      Thank you for the congrats too, I’ll pass them on… How sweet!

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my post.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…My Word Of The Week Is…Manic!My Profile

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