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This week my Word Of The Week could be none other than: spectacular!



St. Dennis’s Day

Last weekend and up until Tuesday morning, Zakynthos, (the Greek island where I live) was celebrating it’s local patron Saint and during this period there are plenty of celebrations and festivities. The church of St. Dennis is opened up to the public and people can go and pay their respects to St. Dennis – who is on display in a glass box. An outdoor market is open on the island for four days and the tavernas in town are probably the busiest they will be all summer.

The nice thing about St. Dennis’s day is the fact that everyone seems happy and their is a nice atmosphere wherever you go; which maybe due to the fact that people know that after St. Dennis’s day the island starts to quieten down and the rush of the summer starts to dwindle.

But Why The Word Spectacular?

I chose the word spectacular to describe the firework display that is given after St. Dennis has been paraded along the harbour front. As his mummified body is returned to the church, the church bells ring out and the boats let off their horns; it’s a cacophony of noise, that is quite hard on the ears, but can give you goosebumps at the same time.

As the noise dies down the firework display starts and it is truly spectacular to see!

This year we managed to inadvertently get front row ‘seats’. We headed into town early and went and sat on the main jetty away from the church, but in a position where we could still see the fireworks being let off in front of the church as I wanted to get a good video of them. We were totally surprised when the fireworks started going off literally two hundred meters in front of where we were dangling our feet over the water and not in front of the church as we had expected.

The fireworks went on for ten minutes at least and I managed to video most of it…Except I did have to do a not so quick battery change half way through!…Never trust a man when they say you’ve got plenty of battery left!

The whole of the display was spectacular, but the best bit was near the end, as the fireworks seemed to get bigger and brighter and there were more of them going off at once. It was quite breathtaking to say the least.

We were still on a high when we got home later that evening, which goes to prove just how spectacular they were!

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    Yay!!!!!! I’m so glad the show did not disappoint! Dare I say that is…spectacular?! Lol I make the mistake of trusting my husband when he says the battery is “full” too much. When will I learn?! Lol
    Rebecca recently posted…My Husband’s SonMy Profile

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      Hi Rebecca, sreally sorry it’s taken so long to reply, I’ve been making the most of my sister being here, so blogging has taken a back seat for a couple of weeks..Blogging will always be there, but my sister and family leave on Thursday…

      The show really surpassed my expectations and I even be asking my husband for battery advice in the future! If my gut feeling is to change them, then change them I will!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I expect Dylan is out working by now!…LOL
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…Debs Diary: A Glimpse Into My Life…#2My Profile

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    That’s a great word. I think Europe really benefits from that connection with religion and having cool festivities that all the family can get involved in.
    Kate Holmes recently posted…SharingMy Profile

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