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Mommy Reality #15 – What Lies Beneath The Couch Cushion?…

This week I am excited to be co-hosting the Mommy Reality Challenge alongside Jen and Celeste, who host the challenge!! Thank you both for giving me the chance to co-host a link up for the first time, I’ll try not to let you down!

What Is The Mommy Reality Challenge?…

Well, for anyone who doesn’t know what the Mommy Reality Challenge is, it’s a fun weekly photographic challenge where us Mums are asked to take pictures of a particular subject and to bravely share them with the world. You can linkup your posts and pictures on the main Mommy Reality post and you can share them via social media using the hash tag #mommyreality.

Past challenges have been When Photos Fail, Junk Drawers and Purse Contents Revealed! And there have been some classic pictures revealed for these challenges.

This Weeks Mommy Reality Is…What Lies Beneath?…

Beneath what? I here you ask…Brace yourselves for the answer, as it’s enough to strike fear into the heart of even the most laid back of Mums….This week the Mommy Reality Challenge wants photographic evidence of what really lies beneath our couch cushions! My first reaction was to run for the hills, but as I’m co-hosting I didn’t think that was really the way to handle this challenge.

So instead I grabbed the camera and took a deep breath….Placed my hand on the edge of a couch cushion whilst taking another deep breath and on the third deep intake of breath (and with a trembling hand), I lifted the couch cushion and took a quick snap.

What Was Revealed?…

Surprisingly there was no wildlife living beneath the cushions!

I had half expected something living to come shooting out from underneath the lifted couch cushion, but no, nothing quite so exciting happened and to be honest what was revealed was nothing compared to what I had expected, with having two teenage children and what seems like a pack of dogs living in the house.

So What Lay Beneath My Couch Cushions?…

Here goes…The big reveal…Followed undoubtedly by an even larger anticlimax as you realise that there really was nothing spectacular beneath my couch cushions!…No wildlife, no money and just a bit of popcorn and what looks like half the beach!

Beneath the couch cushions

The couch in the hallway.

The couch in the picture above is situated right in the hallway as you walk in the front door, so is the first place everyone dumps bags and jackets…They actually walk past the coat stand as it’s far easier to drop jackets and bags onto the couch rather than to lift an arm to hang them on a hook!

The sand must be from the beach bags and towels that get dumped there…I can recommend keeping flat bags underneath the couch cushions as it stops them from going out of shape.

Beneath the couch cushions.

Where the children sit!

This is the couch cushion that I expected to be a lot worse, as this is where the children tend to sit when watching television. It was a pleasant surprise to find it looking so clean (?)….Just a few pieces of popcorn and a sprinkling of sand…To be honest I don’t think that the house is ever completely sand free. It seems to get everywhere!


That was my post for this weeks #MommyReality Challenge. Now it’s your turn to share What Lies Beneath your couch cushions!

I hope you enjoyed my post. The Mommy Reality Challenge is just a bit of fun, so why don’t you pop over and check out what other Mums are sharing?

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      Hi Morgan, we are lucky that we can go to the beach whenever we feel like it, winter and summer. In the winter the dogs love a good run on the beach and I think it’s more beautiful in the winter.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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    Jen@JENerallyInformed says

    Brilliant idea on the bag storage locale to help them keep their shape! I think there is almost a whole bowl of popcorn in the couch upstairs as Liese dumped the contents out of her bowl and unless the dog was speedy quick I think it’s still in the couch. I guess I could go clean it out…… nah :)

    So happy to have you co-hosting this week!
    Jen@JENerallyInformed recently posted…Mommy Reality #15: What Lies BeneathMy Profile

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