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St. Dennis’s Day Celebrations, Zakynthos

Zakynthos Harbour Front, St. Dennis's Day

St. Dennis’s church and harbour front, Zakynthos.

St. Dennis’s Day…

The Greeks are very proud people and each of the Greek islands have their very own patron saint; someone, who in the past has done something so remarkable and totally selfless that the church felt the need to recognise it and make them a saint.

On Zakynthos that person was a man called Dennis (Dionisios), a local man, who was a priest back in the 1500’s. Not such a remarkable story so far, but what set Dennis (Dionisios) apart from most other people, is the fact that he forgave his brothers murderer.

One night a man ran into the church where Dennis (Dionisios) was a priest, fearing for his life. The man told Dennis that he had killed a man and on hearing the murdered mans name, Dennis realised that the dead man was in fact his brother. He kept the information to himself and found it in his heart to give sanctuary to the man and helped him to get off the island and to safety.

Dennis died at the grand old age of 75 and was buried. Three years later his body was exhumed and it was noticed that it had not decayed like bodies usually do, it had mummified instaed. So it was decided that he was a special man indeed and he was made the patron saint of Zakynthos.

His body was moved to the main church in Zakynthos town, where it remains untouched and still mummified to this day. Twice a year, on August 24th (the day his body was moved to the church) and December 17th (the day he died) his body is put on public display and there is a parade along Zakynthos harbour front, where people can pay their respects to this great man.

St. Dennis’s Day, Modern Day, August 24th Celebrations…

In August, St. Dennis’s Day is celebrated over a period of three days with a large outdoor market coming to Zakynthos and a procession and fireworks on the actual day. The start of the celebrations are marked by gunfire at eleven o’clock on the morning of August 23rd; when I say gunfire I mean that anyone on the island who possesses a gun goes out into their garden or the street and fires several shots into the air.

It is quite crazy and how no one has ever been killed I’ll never know…Or maybe they have?…I have heard of people getting injured by the shot as it lands.

It is a scarey time for the dogs too, ours are all unsettled by the gunshots, probably because we live in a farming area and everyone has a gun. Roxy, our German shepherd is absolutely petrified of gunshot and thunder and there is nothing we can do to calm her down, although I do plan to have a chat with the vet about it.

The end of the celebrations are marked in the same way at eleven o’clock on the morning on August 26th.

During these three days the atmosphere is laid back and everyone is in a good mood. The island is packed and the tavernas along the harbour front in town make a killing as people head into town to soak up the atmosphere.

The market in the town is pretty much open for the entire three days, although  there are times when some of the stalls take a breather.

The Procession…

At seven o’clock, on the evening of August 24th fireworks are let off and the church bells ring out as the body of St. Dennis is taken out of the church and paraded around Zakynthos town. The procession, which includes church figures, the local brass band and few others, goes on for two hours and during this time the town gets very busy. Traffic is redirected out of town, so parking is a nightmare. We had to park at at least two kilometers away from the market and town, but rather that than face the congestion around the town.

At nine o’clock when his body is returned to the church, the moment is marked by church bells ringing and a very impressive firework display; which goes on for ten minutes at least!

The Market…

We don’t always head into the St. Dennis’s Day celebrations as it is manic, but in the past we have found that the best time to visit the actual market is during the procession as everyone is out watching it and waiting for the firework display.

This year we went and as I wanted to video the fireworks we didn’t get into the market until after the fireworks, which is when everyone else heads there too and it is busy! If the fireworks had not have been so impressive or the overall atmosphere not so good then we would probably have forgone the market, but as it was we were in the mood to mooch around and see what the market had to offer…Not a lot as it happened!…But we did get chocolate coated locomades (Greek doughnuts) and ate them as we headed back to the car; the thought of them are what gets us into town in the first place!


Locomades (Greek doughnuts)

We left the celebrations on a high and feeling glad we went.

All In All…

If you ever happen to be on the Greek island of Zakynthos in August – something I would never recommend as the island is at it’s busiest! – then seeing the St. Dennis’s Day celebrations is a must. It is quite an amazing evening and the atmosphere is great. I don’t enjoy being around too many people, so in reality it should be my idea of a nightmare…Which I suppose it was, but in a good way.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed videos. Feel free to leave a comment, I’d be interested to know your thoughts.

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  1. 7

    Jen@JENerallyInformed says

    That is a pretty powerful story of forgiveness. I don’t know if I could do the same?

    Have I told you how much I want to come visit? What a wonderful place you call home, even with the crazy gun slinging going on.

    We used to live in Montana and every 4th of July it was like a battle zone with all of the fireworks. The sky would be lit up like the middle of the day all night long for a solid week. Your Island celebration reminded me of that :)
    Jen@JENerallyInformed recently posted…How To REALLY Raise A ToddlerMy Profile

    • 8


      I’m sure that these days he would have been had up for harbouring a criminal, but saying that there are still some things that go on here that are down to custom. I would probably have set him to sail in a little dinghy with slow puncture in it!

      I have only seen the 4th of July celebrations on television, but I bet they far out do our St. Dennis’s celebrations! But the Greeks do like firing their guns to mark celebrations. Easter is by far the worst for it…Oh and New Year!

      One day you may find yourself wondering this way. It is a wonderful place, but like anywhere it has it’s down sides too. The lack of facilities, organization and the constantly changing laws are a headache, but we always have the beaches…And the mini mountains….And the olive groves….And space!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…St. Dennis’s Day Celebrations, ZakynthosMy Profile

    • 10


      It is pretty amazing and I find it hard to believe that they still haven’t done anything to preserve his body, although I think the glass case he is kept in is sealed. The island is very damp, so if it wasn’t surely he would decay….Shudder!

      The sauce on the Greek doughnuts is like melted Nutella, We could probably make it at home, but that would take the joy out of it!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…St. Dennis’s Day Celebrations, ZakynthosMy Profile


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