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Debs Diary: A Glimpse Into My Life…#1

Debs Diary

Monday 18th August

Cleaned the house!….Considering how grubby it was it only took four hours – that included scrubbing the kitchen and constantly arguing with Greg’s, who thought it was most unfair that he should help clean the house before going on the computer!! Having a clean house is nice and I found two new loves…Cif and Febreze…Until recently I had been using Lidls own cream cleaner, but for a few more cents Cif does a much better job, sorry Lidls cream cleaner, but it’s Cif for me from now on…….And as for Febreze, I admit that I did have my doubts as to whether it eliminates odours or just masks them, but I can safely say that it seems to have eliminated the doggy smell from where the dogs rub up against the sofas.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Flossie’s ringworm is getting worse even with applying cream three times a day, the hair around her one eye seems to be thinning. Will keep an eye on it and if it is I’ll have to contact Marion (vet) to see if she’d be better off on tablets. Poor dog gets rescued from the streets and ends up bald from ringworm….Just hope the other dogs don’t get it!

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Tuesday 19th August

Have decided to have a few days off from running or from doing any other sort of exercise. It won’t be long until the children are back at school and I’ll wish that I’d had some mornings to wake up at my own leisure if I don’t take some now. It feels kind of strange getting up at eight o’clock and it feels as if half the day is wasted, but it is nice for a change.

We don’t seem to be winning with Flossie’s ringworm, so I spoke with Marion today and she’s going to pop by tomorrow, after she’s impregnated a goat. I didn’t ask, but I have no doubt that it’s all in a days work for a vet! We’ll probably have to put her on tablets as the cream doesn’t seem to be working. I have a sneaky suspicion that the sore on Greg’s arm is ringworm, so I started applying cream to that too. I don’t know why it never occurred to me before that Greg’s sore could be ringworm. Marion had said to watch out for sores or bald patches on the other dogs and on ourselves as it is contagious. His sore is a perfect circle too!..How stupid of me not to have realised before!

Heard a sad story today about a man who basically got beaten to death in Lagana for doing his job. What a terrible world we live in and I hope that the people responsible for his death get what’s due to them.

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Wednesday 20th August

Marion (vet) stopped by to check on Flossie’s ringworm and has put her on tablets as the cream was having little effect. She also looked at Greg’s arm and said as long as his sore was improving to stick with the cream, but if not we must take him to a dermatologist….Just what I wanted to hear! It seems to be getting better though, so fingers crossed.

It’s always a pleasure chatting with Marion and we had a laugh. She now has a CAT smart phone that is supposed to be virtually indestructible. I think Neal could do with one too!

Took Catherine and her friend into town which I was dreading as everywhere is so busy, but it wasn’t too bad as it was before everyone started to head into town for the evening. Luckily her friends parents are bringing them home, so I don’t have to tackle the evening traffic, ‘cos I’m not sure I could handle driving later when it’s busy.

It must be true that dogs don’t forget people, as Catherine’s friend is from the UK and  she hasn’t been to the house for at least eighteen months and although the dogs did bark at her initially, they were soon all over her as if they remembered her. I was impressed, our dogs aren’t as dozy as we suspected!

Have made a plan sling some lamb chops on the fire Saturday evening. That’s something to look forward to, barbecued lamb chops dripping in lemon juice, salad and tzaziki – making e hungry just thinking about it!

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Thursday 21st August

It’s three weeks today until the ‘Darlings’ go back to school! Greg’s has done none of the work that his teacher gave him to help get him through his final exams next year. I don’t think it helped that his therapist told us that he must learn to do things in his own time. I think at the moment we should be teaching him to learn that some things are important and must be done. At least his therapists are arranging a meeting with the school at the beginning of term, so at least they’ll have more of an understanding as to what we are up against.

I had to stop Greg’s from going running today. His friend has started and it’s great that Greg’s wants to go – they only run around the circumference of the school playground a few times, but at least that’s better than nothing. The reason I stopped him is that he was heading out the door at two thirty this afternoon when it was 31C and all he had drunk was one glass of milk and one glass of water since last night!….Apparently that makes me a bad Mum!??

Signed up for the full package on PicMonkey and I love it. I have now got full access to all the photo editing stuff and will be able to create some nice images for my blog. I created the images and separators for my diary posts on there and I’m really pleased with them.

I have finally got around to adding some affiliate banners on my blog too. Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, so at least that’s one thing less to do in the future.

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Went for my first run in a week and it does feel good to move again. Managed to drag Catherine out of bed to join me…Carefully poked her awake using a broom handle, don’t like to get too close to her first thing as she does not wake up well. The good thing about me taking a break from exercising is that I realize how good it makes me feel and that forfeiting sleeping until eight o’clock is well worth it.

I got to Greg’s to roll out his legs on the foam roller as his calve muscles are tight from the running he has started to do. I recommended that he do it twice a day until the pain and tightness goes away, but he only did it once. Interestingly though when I told him that dehydration can cause muscles to be less flexible, he told me that yesterday when he eventually topped up his liquid levels his legs felt better….Will he learn from that or just dismiss it as Mum nonsense?…We will see…

Mary hairdresser came today…Always a crazy day, I had just got out of the shower when she rocked up. Dad cycled up and Mum got here just in time – by the skin of her teeth – to have her haircut. It’s always an exhausting day, but I kind of look forward to the banter that goes on.

Apparently another British youngster got killed in Lagana driving a quad bike a couple of days ago. Such a shame, when will they ever learn? Alcohol, driving, no helmet and lack of concentration are all killers when driving on the roads, the police are too lax and really need to enforce road safety.

Greg’s ringworm is looking good now, it just looks like a pale pink circle. Hopefully in  a few more days Flossie’s will look better too.

Had a good Friday night watching Hollyoaks and Ghost Adventures and eating Pringles with Catherine…Is there any better way to spend a Friday night?…I think not!

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Received an email from Jen from Jenerally Informed inviting me to co-host the Mommy Reality Challenge! Excited and a little nervous! Why do I always doubt myself? If other people can do it, then why shouldn’t I be able to?….If there is one thing I could change about myself, that would probably be it. Or if I could pop a pill to help me be more assertive, that would work too! Anyway, I have emailed Jen back and am awaiting a reply…

Saturdays are always a good day for blog hops, but I am still trying to work out how people manage to take part in so many and still manage to write decent posts. I must train myself to read and write faster….Is that even possible?

It was a nice day. I helped Catherine with her YouTube account. She wanted to attach it to her page. It was easy enough, but Madam is not the most patient creature there is and as the solution was not right under her nose then she decided it was too hard. She did look a little sheepish when it took me two minutes to do!

This evening we barbecued some lamb cutlets – we’ve not had them for ages – and sat round enjoying each others company. Me and Catherine were playing our version of Pictionary and Neal and Greg’s were keeping up with the football scores. Oh yes, it’s football season again! I did let Catherine have half a glass of cider as I had one – Greg’s didn’t want. I’m not sure if that makes me an irresponsible Mum? Teaching children to respect alcohol is the key to enjoying it, making it taboo only piques their interest which isn’t a good thing…As soon as the words can’t, don’t and not allowed get used teenagers are invariably going to want to do it.

We think Roxy had a seizure this evening. She’d just been fed and had eaten all her food, so she must have been feeling okay then. She walked over to Neal who was stood beside the barbecue and she went down like a sack of potatoes. She hit the floor hard and her legs went all stiff. Neal thought she had died as she wet herself too. She was down for less than a minute before coming round, but she was disorientated when she came too and within half an hour or so she was back to normal again. We will keep an eye on her and I will speak to Marion (vet) after the weekend…Why do these things always happen over a holiday weekend?…I know I can call her at anytime, but it’s nice for her to have a break.

I’m wondering if all the guns going off could have played a part in Roxy’s seizure. She is petrified of them and earlier on today all and sundry were firing their guns to mark the start of the St. Dennis (St. Dionisios) celebrations. I will mention that to Marion too, maybe she can give Roxy something to help keep her calm…We used to sedate Mitzi during thunderstorms as she was a total wreck and could sense them a couple of hours before they happened. She was our furry, fat, fourlegged barometer!

Have decided we will venture into town tomorrow night and check out the market. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some good photographs of the firework display to use in my posts.

I’m probably not in for a good night sleep as I’m concerned about Roxy, but I am tired so fingers crossed I sleep through.

Debs diary divider #2Sunday 24th August

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a fireworks display!…We ventured into the St. Dennis’s Day (St.Dionisios) market for the first time in a couple of years and this year we actually went out onto the jetty where the ferries come in and waited for the firework display. I wanted to hopefully get some good pictures to use in a blog post, but I managed better than that I took video footage of the fireworks. They were only about two hundred meters away and we had front row seats sitting on the edge of the jetty!…They went on for over ten minutes, but I got less footage than that as the batteries on the camera died and I had to change them… I so nearly changed them before the display, but they were showing half full, so I thought that they would last no problem. If I had realised that the fireworks were going to go on for ten minutes I would have definitely changed them!…Note to self; always put new batteries into a camera before videoing an event!

Hopefully I got some good photographs too as I plan to write a post in the next couple of days…Capturing the atmosphere of the celebrations in a post is going to be tricky, but I can try!

Neal got stung on the head today in work. Luckily it was a wasp, but he didn’t know that at the time and so went to reception to wait and see if he had an anaphylactic reaction. He said he had his injection ready and warned the receptionist, so she knew what to do. It must have been awful not knowing what stung him, but he usually reacts so fast that if he hasn’t reacted within a couple of minutes he knows that it wasn’t a honey bee that stung him….Luckily the hotel staff where he works are aware of his allergy and know what to do, but still scarey!

After the scare Roxy gave us last night, she seemed absolutely normal today. She ate like normal and was acting normal. It’ll be interesting to see her reaction to the guns going off tomorrow morning to signal the end of St. Dennis’s (St. Dionisos) celebrations. I know Marion has taken a few much deserved days off, so I won’t call her until she goes back to work…Unless it’s an emergency!

Debs diary divider #2I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my everyday life. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

If you did enjoy this post; Debs Diary will be a weekly post published every Monday for a trial period. If it seems popular I will keep it going indefinitely.

Debs Diary

Debs Diary

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    Jen@JENerallyInformed says

    Wow, impregnating a goat, I would have no idea where to begin on that. Can I just say though how much I wish we had a vet who dropped by. Not to mention the hairdresser, My hair needs love and there is no way I am childless for any length of time to actually get it colored. I did buy some dye at the store last month and well the bronze was pretty bozo the clown red, not my best hair color….
    Jen@JENerallyInformed recently posted…How To REALLY Raise A ToddlerMy Profile

    • 4


      Hi Jen, I know we are lucky. We have had the same hairdresser for seventeen years now, I was pregnant with our son when we first used her. As my hair is curly and a bit on the wild side – I gave up trying to have it styled along time ago – I always like to have pink streaks put into my hair, which there is no way I would even attempt on my own… Saying that though, Bozo the clown red may be a little too much!

      The vet lives just down the road, so she tends to stop by when she’s passing if we need her, so as not to overly stress the dogs. And she is soooo nice too.

      Your childless times are something for you to look forward too! You could change your hair colour and style weekly then!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…St. Dennis’s Day Celebrations, ZakynthosMy Profile

    • 6


      Hi Celeste, Roxy has been absolutely normal since, she wasn’t happy on Tuesday with the closing gunshots, but there weren’t so many as people had gone back to work. I will speak with our vet though to see if there is something we can give her when she gets that stressed. She panics during thunderstorms too and having a big German shepherd barge into our bedroom and jump on the bed in the middle of the night trembling is not funny….We often joke that it’s good she was never chosen for police dog training. She looks the part, but is such a woosie.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…St. Dennis’s Day Celebrations, ZakynthosMy Profile

  2. 7


    OMG There is too much funny in here, from impregnating a goat to poking your daughter with the end of a broom! HAHAH! But on a more serious note, I’m so sorry to hear about Roxy’s seizure :[ That is really sad and scary. I lost a dog due to seizures. She had one and the vet said it was normal for dogs to have seizures at one point in their first year of life. A week later she had another one but it was too late for the vet so they told us to come in the morning because it shouldn’t be a big deal. She had seizures throughout the night, she wouldn’t stop walking, she walked all night long and at one point fell in our pond, so we had to put her on a leash secured on the top of our balcony so she would go in circles. By morning she had lost her hearing and her vision, she looked skinny from all the walking and we had to put her down. I miss her so much. :[ The wasp incident is frightening! I’m so glad everything was okay. My husband is allergic to bees and I pretty much panic whenever one approaches because one sting and he could be done for. You had some week! Yay for fireworks!
    Rebecca recently posted…Money Money Money, Must Be FunnyMy Profile

    • 8


      Hi Rebecca, I am so sorry that you had to go through that with your dog, it must have been awful for you as at the time there was nothing you could do to help her. Fingers crossed Roxy seems fine, she is eating and acting as normal, but I am still planning to speak with our vet about it at some point.

      We are so lucky that Marion, our vet, really is brilliant. She just lives down the road and has said to phone her at anytime of the day or night in the case of an emergency; which we have had to do on more than one occasion, but I won’t phone her unless it’s an emergency out of hours….And what’s nice also is the fact that she doesn’t do it for the money, often she only charges for the medication.

      Thank you for stopping by an leaving a comment.
      Debbie Roberts recently posted…St. Dennis’s Day Celebrations, ZakynthosMy Profile

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